Black And White Never Dates

Are you looking to reinvent and restyle your bathroom this year? If so, you might want to consider trying the monochrome bathroom trend and Litchfield Bathrooms can help, providing you with a complete design service that will help guarantee that your bathroom looks stunning in black and white. But, first, let’s explore why monochrome could be a fantastic design choice for your bathroom. 

Always Keep Your Bathroom In Style

Don’t you just hate it when you make a change to your home, and then the trends change. Suddenly, you’re left with a space in your property that is completely out of style. You don’t want that, and with a monochrome bathroom, this issue is eliminated. A monochrome bathroom is so simple and chic that it will always look fabulous and stay stylish regardless of changes in style. Five years, ten years or twenty years, you’ll still have a bathroom that is guaranteed to impress. 

You’re Halfway There Already!

When you design a bathroom, you typically will start with a white or cream palette. You may already have the suite, so it won’t take that much to transform your bathroom with the monochrome trend. For instance, you might need some black tiles, and we can provide these for you. Or, you could keep the walls white while adding a beautiful black bathroom suite. We have those available too, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection in our store ideal for completing your monochrome bathroom. 

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

For a monochrome bathroom, you need black and white tiles. The good news is that these tiles are often available at low prices. As such, by opting for monochrome rather than something more elaborate and fancy, you could save a fortune on your bathroom redesign. If you want top of the range black and white tiles we sell those too, so whatever your budget we’ll help you find the right tiles for your new look.


Don’t think that you’ll be tied down to a certain style. The monochrome bathroom will fit in with any style choice from artsy to industrial. If you have a style in mind, we have the monochrome bathroom suites to match. 

It May Even Be Calming 

You might want to design a bathroom where you can relax, unwind and lie back in a tub after a long day. Studies show that the clash of black and white can be quite soothing and allow you to relax more easily. Colours can be distracting and draw attention. With a black and white bathroom, you can completely clear your mind. 

Bold And Beautiful

Finally, you might be looking for a way to make your bathroom bold so that it will impress both guests and even potential home buyers. A monochrome style will certainly fit the bill here and allow you to create a gorgeous bathroom that really packs a bunch. Effortlessly stylish and utterly irresistible, a monochrome bathroom could even make your property look more valuable and luxurious. 

We hope you see that a monochrome bathroom could be the perfect addition to your home design and that we can help you achieve that goal!  Visit our showroom and talk to our staff and lets begin that bathroom transformation!