Creating a Coastal Inspired Bathroom


As the weather is getting cooler you may find yourself visiting the beach less frequently than you would like. However, you can still enjoy the feeling of calm and happiness that coastal locations provide by letting your bathroom represent these places. Through inspiration taken from your favourite oceanic spots, you can transform your home into a relaxing haven no matter what time of year and no matter how poor the weather. Here are a few ways you can create your own coastal inspired bathroom…


1.   Colours

Choosing the right colours for you walls and décor can immediately transform your bathroom into an airy, breezy space. Take inspiration from the ocean, sky, and sand to create your perfect coastal colour palette. Good ideas are variations of blue, from duck egg to turquoise; neutral shades such as soft beiges for the perfect sandy hue; and pale yellows as an essence of sunlight. 


2.   Wood

Chunky timber furniture is a warm addition to any room and is viewed as driftwood when placed into a coastal themed space. You can embody this by using wood to form a cabinet for your basin to rest on, or by changing the door and skirting to natural wood. Similarly, you could consider using wood or wood effect tiles as an alternative finish to traditional wall or floor tiles, to make the room more rustic and natural. Whitewashed wood also has an extremely satisfying appearance, and helps to make a room airier; so, if your bathroom is small, then consider using this as an alternative to dark wood to enlarge the space. 


3.   Décor

Beach décor is typically fresh. Match the colour of your towels, your soaps, and all other accessories for your bathroom, to the overall colour theme that you have chosen so that the entire room is in harmony. Put lots of mirrors in the room and keep windows unsheltered to allow for natural light to pass into the space. Coastal-inspired artwork can often be a simple and expressive way to achieve the desired beach effect in the bathroom, and similarly so can creating displays of shells or pebbles.


4.   Light Floors

Light floors will make your room feel clear and calm, creating a ‘beach shack, holiday’ vibe. Unless you have opted for a rustic wood floor, use neutral light colours such as cream or beige for floor tiles to give you a fresh room that feels bigger and cleaner.


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