Designing A Bathroom on A Budget

Who says that money is the key to a great bathroom? Yes, you might be able to create a fancy spa retreat with an unlimited budget, but there is nothing stopping you from redesigning your bathroom into a fabulous space even with some cost restrictions. The key to a budget is carefully planning how to use it, so with these few tips you should find that your bathroom budget can stretch a lot further than you may have initially expected. 


1.  Paint

Paint is one of the most economical ways to liven up a room, because it is cheap and powerful. Choose a colour that fits your intended bathroom theme and decorate the walls in it. Paint is cheaper than wallpaper and is more suitable for a bathroom because it is not damaged by water. 


2.  Tiles

Only tile the areas that are necessary. Focus on the floor and inside of the shower, and then paint the remaining walls. Tiles are expensive and so the fewer you can use the cheaper it will be. 

Also, try and restrict yourself from choosing expensive tiles, remembering that the price of them will not actually be displayed in your finished bathroom. It is also good to note that whilst tiles might seem like a key feature to you when designing, they will actually just blend into the background of your bathroom once it is done. 


3.  Countertops

If you want a granite countertop then aim to choose one that is of cheaper quality so that it is not as expensive. You can also sometimes find granite slabs that are faulty and contain imperfections, which will lead to a reduction in their price. Choosing this type of piece will still be suitable, because you can cover imperfections with features such as your sink basin or storage units. 

Alternatively you can be creative with countertops and units within your bathroom, for example by using old dressers, or varnished wood slabs. 


4.  Fixtures

Fixture such as faucets and handrails may seem insignificant, but by choosing a newer and fancier version of these things instead of a top-quality sink, bathtub, or shower, it will be overall much cheaper and still very effective. This is because the fixtures are the main decretive features of your bathroom, so if they are more expensive, then they will make your whole bathroom appear more expensively finished. 


5.  Lighting

If your bathroom space has lots of natural light then you do not need to add as many overhead lighting features. If it does not have a lot of natural light then a way to save on lighting is to still reduce the number of overhead lights and instead use lighting features such as lamps in the areas that they are needed. These are cheap to buy and they will also help to save you money in the future, because they only need to be turned on when lots of light is required in the bathroom.


At Litchfield Tile & Bath Swansea, we offer design services that completely cater to your requirements. All you need to do is give us an idea of your budget and your bathroom measurements, and we can work together to create the perfect bathroom tailored to your exact needs. Visit for more information.