How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Suite

From traditional bathroom suites with roll-top baths, to modern bathroom suites that ooze style with curved, clean lines; there are many options to create a haven within your home. Here is a useful guide on how to choose the perfect bathroom suite.

Before you begin designing your ideal space it is important to get practical in order to avoid complications further down the line. Practicality includes:

Getting to know your space

Measure your bathroom so that you are clear on the precise dimensions that you have to work with; always obey these measurements! To ensure you get it right it is always advisable to have an expert help you design your new space, by doing it right you’ll end up with a bathroom you love. The design team at help you from start to finish.

Deciding your budget

Whilst we would all love to let ourselves get carried away by beautiful and expensive things, this is not always practical. Decide on a budget before you start planning but remember quality pieces will last longer, so spending that extra bit for the right suite just might be worth it! If you do your research right, you will find the right items to meet your requirements. As stockists of many of the leading brands in the UK, Litchfield Tile & Bath will undoubtedly have what you need. 

Now the exciting part; styling. There are so many designs and styles of bathroom suites that it may be difficult to choose an initial favourite. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by choice, start by selecting a group of suites that you feel suit you and your style. Alternatively, take a look at the décor you have chosen for other rooms in your house, is this be traditional, contemporary or modern? Then use this as a guideline. 

Once you have a selected few styles, narrow these down further by considering how you would feel if each one was in your home. Consider how the suite would appear in the bathroom compared to the remainder of the décor; which would go best with the flooring and walls? Consider whether it could go out of fashion or if it is likely to still appeal to you in the future.

With a vast collection of elegant and practical bathroom suites, Litchfield's Tile & Bath have the perfect solution to suit every home. If you're struggling to choose from our collection, our expert Swansea team can help you pick the perfect suite for your bathroom, no matter how big or small. Visit for more information.