How to design a Victorian Bathroom

The Victorians’ high standards of luxury, elegance and style is widely known, and is something that can be beautifully incorporated in to your own home design. If you are looking to create your own Victorian living space, why not start with your bathroom? There are so many elements of a bathroom which can be transformed to mimic the Victorian era, in a sophisticated yet homely way. Here are some top tips on the best ways to design your own Victorian Bathroom…

1.   The Bath

First and foremost, the most iconic Victorian element of a bathroom is the tub. A stand-alone bathtub with claw shaped feet will directly pinpoint the era that you are representing. It is a signature piece, normally with one side at a raised height compared to the other. Whilst the traditional models would have been porcelain and cast iron, they now are made in a variety of materials so choose whatever fits your budget, the look will be consistent. These bath styles are also available in a variety of colours, so base your decision on the colour scheme for the entire room.

2.   Tiles

Wood and tiles were the primary composition of Victorian bathroom walls and floors. Wood pared with neutral black and white tiles gives a classic and modern feel; however, on the contrary you could opt for a more vibrant Victorian style of pattern. Eye catching tiles with bold designs and deep colour were also stylish during the period, and can help to liven up the bathroom. Marble and mosaic were also fashionable, and if you want a less expensive option then vintage wallpaper can work as well. 

3.   Taps

Taps are used every time you go into the bathroom and so are key features that are sure to be noticed. Having a traditional Victorian style tap can add a vintage flourish to the space and draw all of its luxurious qualities together. 

4.   Radiators

Dated to the 19thcentury, towel warmers became a huge part of bathroom style. These are the ‘Elizabeth’ style old-school radiators, which will help to bring an authentic feel to your Victorian themed space.

5.   Accessories

Heavy curtains; a curvy chair with a soft cushioned seat; silvery vases; a curvy table… any accessory with any relation to the period can be used in a Victorian bathroom. They complement the fitted features and the finished design, helping to make the space feel beautiful and sophisticated. 

The most vital accessory to have however is frames. Whether you want to frame pictures or mirrors, ensure that the framework is antique. Gold and silver are lovely, helping to send you back in time through their dated appearance. 

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