What colour should I paint my bathroom?

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home as it is the place that allows the entire household to complete their daily bathing and beauty routines. It’s only natural then that you’ll want to improve the aesthetic beauty of the space by giving it a makeover. While there are many factors to consider, the colour scheme shold undoubtedly sit at the top of your agenda.

Colour schemes set the atmosphere of the entire room, so choosing the right colour to paint your bathroom is the first step to success. Here are five of the best solutions.

Black & White

The black and white colour scheme is a timeless classic that is as popular today as ever before. The contrast creates a stylish vibe while there are plenty of options available. Black walls with accentuating white features through the use of a stencil bring a modern twist that helps white furnishings stand out. Alternatively, white walls with black skirting boards can work very well with specific flooring styles.

Plain White

Most homeowners will choose white bathroom furniture and opting for a plain white wall complements this effectively. This will also help the room look more prominent, which is ideal for those working with limited spaces. The combination of white walls and furniture gives you the freedom to use chrome rails and taps or other accentuating features.


The popularity of grey has grown at a rapid rate throughout the modern home, and the bathroom is no different. Light greys, mid greys, and dark greys can be used in conjunction with each other to build an ultra-modern vibe. A light grey wall with a darker skirting board looks particularly classy and provides an excellent contrast for white furniture. 


Homeowners of a certain age probably still have nightmares about avacado bathroom suites. Nonetheless, green is back in favour, and it thankfully looks better than ever. Lighter shades bring a natural tone, especially when you have the right bathroom mirrors to bring out the space too. Just avoid the avocado bathtubs of the 80s!


When looking for a bathroom theme, both nautical and aqua are leading candidates. A mid blue painted wall can bring the perfect touch for a water theme while a combination of light-to-mid blue and white will work well for the nautical solution. Additional items such as rugs and ornaments will be needed to truly make things sparkle, but there is no doubt that starting with the blue colour scheme is essential.

Painting Isn’t the Only Solution

A lick of paint can bring a new vibe to the bathroom, but many homeowners find that it’s better to start afresh. Litchfield Bathrooms are here to help with individual items through to complete remodels, including tiles, furniture, and cabinets. Whether you decide to go with a lick of paint or a complete do over you’ll love your new bathroom! Visit us at www.litchfieldbathrooms.co.uk or pop into our showroom in Units 18 - 20 Penrice Court, Llansamlet, Swansea Enterprise Parc, Swansea SA6 8QW and let us help you decide how to reinvergerate your bathroom space!